Re: Simple low power gain device

DF6NA Rainer


DB6NT KIT 23 G2 Handbook:

2 meter driving power can be adjusted from 0.5 Q 3 Watts; a
change of a resistor will even allow a driving power of 10 mW.
Driving power should not be too high; this avoids unnecessary
heating of the IFsubassembly due to power dissipation.

73, Rainer

Am 20.10.2019 um 09:32 schrieb John Lemay:

'Morning all

I have a G4DDK Anglian transverter which produces +20dBm on 144MHz (works

At the masthead I have a DB6NT 13cms transverter which requires approx.
+23dBm for full output.

Taking into account feeder losses and a bit of headroom for comfort I'm
looking for a simple linear amplifier to boost my 144MHz drive from +20dBm
to +26dBm.

Any of the Mitsubishi RA series modules would be capable, but a significant
overkill ! Any other suggestions please ?


John G4ZTR

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