Re: Simple low power gain device


There is much to be said for keeping the drive low. Unwanted 144MHz IF ‘leakage’ can often be heard over large distances (ask G4SWX) and with much microwave band activity IF being in the same frequency range as 144MHz EME, there is a good reason to either move the IF a little higher or reduce 144MHz IF drive requirements.
Masthead microwave systems, where the 144MHz IF is pumped up to the transverter, are a particular risk.

Just sayin’!

73 de Sam, G4DDK

On Sunday, October 20, 2019, 8:32 am, John Lemay <john@...> wrote:

'Morning all

I have a G4DDK Anglian transverter which produces +20dBm on 144MHz (works

At the masthead I have a DB6NT 13cms transverter which requires approx.
+23dBm for full output.

Taking into account feeder losses and a bit of headroom for comfort I'm
looking for a simple linear amplifier to boost my 144MHz drive from +20dBm
to +26dBm.

Any of the Mitsubishi RA series modules would be capable, but a significant
overkill ! Any other suggestions please ?


John G4ZTR

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