Offset dishes on 24 ghz EME


A Question for those who know :)

Today I was gifted an Andrew Type 960 Class II Dish with mount and feed for Ku band, in its original box and never used. So its a 960 mm dia offset fed dish made to the usual Andrew standards.

I'm thinking it "could" be a better option for portable with my 24 ghz gear for EME. I know how folks many don't rate offset dishes due to the limitations on elevation before they can be used to the best of their abilities, but I'd like to weigh all that up before deciding.

It means I could mount the gear at the feed point rather than behind the other inferior quality prime focus dish I had planned to use.

So opinions from those who have compared prime to offset and suggestions for a suitable feed would be appreciated.

When you google offset dishes for 24 ghz, the hit list is underwhelming :(

Is it because they stink :) or is it just because folks havent written up their experiences ?

I'd like to make an honest assessment without going through all the fuss actually trying it out.

So if anyone has the knowledge or can point me to someones webpage who is using one then mucheous gracias !


Keith  VK6KB / VK6EME

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