Re: 23cms yagis

John Lemay

The aerials have arrived !

I wonder if it will be so easy to order and quick to deliver from Italy next
month .............

John G4ZTR

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Subject: 23cms yagis

'Morning all

If I may be allowed a short commercial break ......

I'm importing a new batch of aerials from I0JXX, which will be here in a few
days time. They will include new models for 23cms: a 16 ele and a 36 ele.
The 16 ele is just 1.2m long and could be ideal for a quick spot of hilltop
/P work. The 36 ele is just shy of 3m long. I'm sure that these will provide
a useful and cost-effective alternative in the UK to the aerials from Wimo
(DX Shop) and Dual (W&S).

Further details will appear in my Aerial-Parts web shop shortly.

Oh, and I'm machining another batch of 23cms interdigital filters at the

That's the end of the commercial ..........

John G4ZTR

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