Re: 23cm Harmonic Filter kits

Alan Melia

OK Clive Please email my personal address, I don't want to get ''drummed out of the Brownies'' by doing business on the Group :-))

Best wishes
Alan G3NYK

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I would be interested in a box and connectors Alan

I tried to get some suitable N sockets from a local rally yesterday and was disappointed.

Clive G3GJA

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I am considering offering the box AND suitable N-type conectors ....again stocking is a problem cos the costs add up.


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Subject: [UKMicrowaves] 23cm Harmonic Filter kits

I have now depleted my stock of PCBs and filter lines for the 23cm
harmonic filter described in the last Scatterpoint.

I would like to gauge demand before deciding to order further batches.

I know of interest expressed by some of you I met at the convention this
weekend, but if anyone else might want a kit please email me at

Price will be £25 plus postage for the kit which excludes the box and


John G3XDY

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