Re: Connecting coax in wet weather


Dear Paul,

Apologies; I did n’t realise you were also querying the H&S risks of Denso tape.

The safety sheet is attached.

The main issue is that Denso tape can cause a skin reaction; therefore gloves are supposed to be worn when applying it. Perhaps Mark could recommend suitable gloves, as I always seem to get the gloves stuck with the tape, lose patience and apply with bare hands, cleaning my hands asap afterwards. Various operators have discontinued the use of Denso tape on feeder joints, to avoid the risk.

Thanks Mark, for your detailed reply. To be clear, what I do not favour is self amalgamating tape covered with insulating tape only. Since you overwrap the insulating tape with Denso tape the objection does not apply.

DTELS, based on experience from a nationwide network of towers supporting emergency and government services, recommended Denso tape over self amalgamating, without the intermediate layer of insulating tape.

If anyone knows of a comparative study of sufficient scale to be meaningful, that would be interesting to see.




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