Re: Connecting coax in wet weather


Dear Paul,

To answer your questions:

Regarding your statement 

I am unconvinced on wrapping plastic insulating tape over self-amalgamating

Please could you explain  as I have been using this method for approaching 50 years and from this thread others adopt the same methods 

To follow Mark’s statement that "PVC tape does not contribute much to the waterproofing.” my observation is that water gets in under the insulating tape and is trapped there, contributing to leakage. Thus it is better to use Denso tape and if Denso tape is used, no PVC tape is needed to protect the self-amalgamating tape from UV. 

now frowned upon by most operators for H&S reasons, joints protected by the DTELS method of self-amlagamting tape

could you please explain DTELS

DTELS- the Home Office Directorate of Telecommunications- privatised in 1994.




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