Re: Connecting coax in wet weather


Dear Conrad, All,

Wait for a dry day is the best solution.

I am unconvinced on wrapping plastic insulating tape over self-amalgamating. Joints I have seen taken apart after being out in the weather for a while have had a fair amount of water trapped between the insulating tape and the self amalgamating, which is unhelpful. 

Although the method is now frowned upon by most operators for H&S reasons, joints protected by the DTELS method of self-amlagamting tape, followed by an overwrap of Denso tape fare much better. I have seen plenty of these taken apart after years out in all weathers on tower tops at exposed sites and the connectors come out clean and dry.

One thing that many don’t realise is that most connectors do not seal the inner conductor, so any water that leaks past the outer seal will get into the cable, with bad results. Therefore, never leave an unmated connector outside.

Good luck with the installation.


Alwyn G8DOH


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