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Tim Hague M0AFJ

Hi Alan, no the Gas meter has an inbuilt (I assume) High capacity battery guaranteed for 10 years, I did ask the question of the first installer and they have never changed one.

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Tim Hague

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I’ve had two smart meters fitted (changed suppliers), neither have caused me any problems RFI wise, from Top Band to 23cms.
Thanks, Tim.  Does the gas box require external power?
...wish I could say the same about the neighbours solar installation.
Ditto here.  It's S7 minimum during the daytime here and bizarrely after dark too (do some have batteries which run the inverter after sun-down?). 

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I have just had notification that they want to fit a smart meter to replace the recently installed standard new one.
Will it bring RFI into my station?
Will any RF I may generate from HF up to microwave bands affect it?
(It seems I can object if I contact them.)
Many thanks.

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