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Brian Howie GM4DIJ

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No. They use mobile phone bands and home RF (= 432/864MHz etc ISM)
No RFI mechanism

They're a novelty to play with and doesn't cost you anything
Despite the paranoia discussed about them - on various Groups in the past.

I've not noticed anything, but RFI is pretty dire here anyway.

I'll need to look for mine on the bands you mentioned on the funcube dongle. The Scottish Power site however says:-

"The short range radio signal is similar to wifi and bluetooth, but is actually a low energy system called Zigbee."

My electric meter is in a metal box, but the RF seems to get out. The gas one is plastic.

I was disappointed that you can't access the meter data from the module even though there's a USB lead. It would have been nice to plot it over time. My computer can see the USB port as unrecognised, so it is doing more than the charging power.

73 Brian GM4DIJ
Brian Howie

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