Re: Wanted 3cm Transverter

Clive Elliott GW4MBS

Adrian yes I get reports of your activities from Peter GW4JQP. The flyswatter was 4.5 x 6 ft with 1/2 inch mesh & 288 horizontal copper wires soldered in between & mounted at the top of a 60ft Hilomast rotated by a propeller pitch motor at the base, where it was fed with a 4ft dish. The reflector had more gain than the basic dish & no feeder losses.
Where I was in Hampshire I was under the G3JVL - G3YGF path either of which were only just detectable for a few percent of the time. Heavy rain then S9+ even on open waveguide (in plastic bag) at ground level. Sounded very auroral but much less so when using the swatter.In fact it was at that time G3YGF suggested a memory keyer & a Class A Licence might be helpful. So I built a keyer & took the test (I have no particular interest in HF)
Clive GW4MBS (ex-G8ADP)
Pottering on 6m/4m/2m/70cm/23cm in a valley in IO71XW where any QSO is a triumph of optimism over geography!

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