Re: Millimetre Contest 15th September

Martyn G3UKV

I shall be on 24G on Sunday, but perhaps worth mentioning that most use 144MHz talkback on 24G plus - more suited to final tweaking, equipment comments etc. Also mobile phone number useful.
73 Martyn G3UKV

Callsign: G3ZME/P
Locator: IO82QL83 (Brown Clee)
Band: 24 G (only). 0.5W to 60cm dish.
Talkback: 144.390Mhz, 'KST, phone 07421 001166 and Zello shf chat (or pigeon post)
Times: From ~10:30 BST

On 12/09/2019 08:06, David Robinson wrote:
I will be active from IO82LB after 1300(clock time) when the 4m AFS has finished

24GHz 3W
47GHz 350mW

Talkback on KST/Zello

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