Activation of Barr Beacon near Walsall

Iain Young

Hi Guys,

I (along with G0KFS and G6KOY and 2E0CVP) intend to activate
IO92bn06/IO92bn07/IO92bn08 (Barr Beacon, nr Walsall) this coming Sunday
(15th September). The activity is most likely going to be from IO92bn07.

This trip will primarily be a bit of beacon spotting with my portable
microwave SDR setup on 23cms, 13cms, and 9cms), however I will have
23cms FM capability so will put some calls out on 1297.500 MHz.

We are also hoping to be all mode on 23cms, so if so we able (it's
depending on Operator and kit availability), we'll be on/around

Timing wise, activation will probably be around 1200 UTC until around
1500 UTC, or until we get bored/cold/decide beer is more fun!

Future trips are likely to include at least a portable beacon (But
code and hardware is not quite ready for that yet). QSO capability
needs a bit more hardware integration with the Pi.



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