Re: How much loss will this 3cm feed have ?


Dear Neil,

I would be exceptionally careful about using non-traceably Mil-Spec. connectors or adapters.

I have measured a number of these and their performance is quite unpredictable.

Life has become more difficult with even manufacturers such as Radiall following the American manufacturers in moving connector manufacturing to the far east.

I have had to return batches of connectors to distributors as out-of-spec.

Dimensional errors and incorrect plating are common, as is the substitution of strange white plastics for ptfe.

Some of the manufacturers have introduced “commercial” connector ranges, with similar part numbers to their Mil-Spec. ranges, but with significantly degraded specifications and lifetimes.

Distributors like to stock these as they can increase their price margins, with most customers not understanding the differences.

As for what’s on e-bay; best avoided.

As a wise friend once said to me, “you get what you inspect, not what you expect”.



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