Re: How much loss will this 3cm feed have ?

Andy G4JNT


Sharp right angle N adapters do not behave themselves at 10GHz - there's a nasty mismatch in there.   You'd do better to replace it with a semi-rigid coax with, ideally, N connectors or even SMA with N adapters.

When we used a sharp right angle at 12GHz for th GB3SCK beacon, there was something like 20dB signal loss.   I don't recall measuring at 10GHz, but certainly wouldn't trust it above around 6GHz


On Fri, 23 Aug 2019 at 22:05, Nick Gregory G0HIK via Groups.Io <> wrote:

Should I be worried about the amount of loss this 3cm feed has ?
The dish has the threaded WG connector and I have had to use two adapters to get it to match the WG Transition, which has a "C" connector. I have had to convert to "N" with adapters.
Would a homemade coax to WG transition with the correct flange and a small coax pigtail be better ?

Next question does anyone have a suitable flange in WG16 that suits the dish, that I can use to make a "N" or SMA transition with. (Sorry I dont know the name of the flange, but it the one on the Dish Sanders maybe ?)

Nick G0HIK

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