Re: Activity List for the UK Microwave Group 5.7Ghz and 10GHz contests - Sunday 25th August

Adrian G4UVZ

Hi Dave

As you see above ..unless someone comes up with a fix KST is not an option ..if you run Windows 10 ..might be worth checking yours!

Take off in your direction for me is very poor..however I can rx the CCX beacon about S5 if I beam at Dunkery direction  about 310 degrees from that would probably be best for you .
/ if not please send me a request to join your Zello entry ..I am logged as G4UVZ/
Just done a Zello search for G4GLT...but no results??
Zello is deffinitely favourite for me are you on SHF chat ...just did a Zello search for G4GLT...but no results

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