Re: Tuesday night 23cms


Umm -  what a surprise I had on Tuesday!
I have not been active for a couple of years and after a rebuild of the of the station I Thought (?) that 100 W into 67 Ele with DDK preamp would net a good few contacts. 
Just prior to 20:00 copied two PA stations and one station on the IOW. 
So despite being in a “hole”  50 M ASL with local surrounding ground rising to 80 M ASL I expected an interesting evening.
Of course  after 20:00 no sign of the PA stations and no signal from IOW.
After 2 hours I noted a /P station giving a report of 70 QSOs – and I was 9 !  Others in IO83 were doing better than me.
I did work stations  in IO  and JO with broadly reciprocal similar signal reports so my kit appears to be matched (RX v TX).
I did notice that conditions were not good (Martelsham well down on normal).
Though as has been asked/ said on many occasions those of you who “in the south” Please look North after you have worked  F, DL, ON, PA ect.
This is not a whinge just that some of us in the NW and Midlands would appreciate a couple of QSOs more.

From: Nigel G8IFN
Sent: Thursday, August 22, 2019 9:49 AM
Subject: Re: [UKMicrowaves] Tuesday night 23cms
Activity may also have increased because because of the IC-9700 becoming available.
I am back on the band for the first time since the 1980s due to my purchase of the 9700.
Just need to get the antenna outside rather than in the loft.
Nigel G8IFN

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