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Michael Scott

Hi Neil
Many thanks! I have just requested membership.
Following your advice I bought a MIX Digital dish. It came very quickly with no carriage charge. It worked well on a tripod, and is now on a mast with rotator and jack arm for remote adjustment, and weather permitting, I hope to finish setting it up this weekend.
73, Mike.

From: Neil Smith G4DBN
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Subject: Re: [UKMicrowaves] New RSGB-Workshop Group

Hi Mike, there was a dot missing in the underlying link, although the link text is correct.  Should be:


On 15/08/2019 12:37, Michael Scott via Groups.Io wrote:
Hi Andy
Looks like a very useful group, unfortunately I couldn’t make the link work!
Mike, G3LYP.
From: Andy G4JNT
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Subject: [UKMicrowaves] New RSGB-Workshop Group
As mentioned here a while ago, the new Group has now been set up.  This text will appear in RSGB Matters in October's issue.

New  RSGB-Workshop Group

A new internet chat group has been started which, it is hoped, will become a central point for discussion and feedback for all technical and constructional content in RadCom and related publications.  Membership is for anyone with an interest in radio, electronics, electrical, mechanical, construction and design all pertaining to our hobby and its offshoots.  It is the aim and intention that the authors of any published article, as well as the regular columnists will be Group members.   

The Group is open to both members and non-members of RSGB, so those who see the publications second-hand can contribute.   Discussions, topics and threads can wander at will provided they remain of general interest.  Threads that depart too widely may well be steered to another thread.

The Group will be unmoderated to speed-up response times to comments, and also to minimise workload for the Group moderators!  This puts the responsibility for not posting illegal or unpleasant comments on you, the subscribers.  So BE NICE !  Any posts or threads that get out of hand will be moderated on an individual basis.

So go to  and click Join.    By default, new users will be moderated until they have made three posts. This is to stop spammers and undesirables.  However, if we recognise you as a real radio amateur you will be set to unmoderated status (almost) immediately.  So make sure your user name or email address includes a callsign to allow this.

Andy  G4JNT  (Group Owner)


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