Re: 3D parts for QO100 and SM6FHZ CP patch feed

Neil Smith G4DBN

Use of "Microwave" in the title might be more inclusive, but we'll end up with cooking accessory designs.  (Try searching for "Waveguide" on ebay...)

Best to go along with whatever categories the other amateur radio stuff is in, then see if a sub-category for "GHz" or something can be set up. Maybe worth putting something on the UKuG wiki to point people in the right direction(s) until a suitable categorisation is available?

A curated page of microwave-related designs on personal websites and Thingiverse and other maker sites might be a useful approach.


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                That’s a good point.  Perhaps putting UKUG in the title might help.  As you say its not easy to find stuff when you don’t know what it’s called or titled.


You can search by Category. However, if people don’t put their designs in the right category it wont help. Also there is no specific sub headings under HOBBY. One for Ham Radio would be good, but it’s not there.

There are lots of things on Thingiverse that are for Ham Radio,  that are not directly UKuG related, but could be of interest to UKUG Hams in general.


I don’t know the answer, I will just try to make the titles really reflect what the object is. Hence me posting on here. Word does get around, as I had an Email from someone I didn’t know re the NFR support, which has prompted me to make the designs known to the UKUG.



Just my 2d’s worth.







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Hi Geoff, I must get round to putting some stuff on Thingiverse.  Is there a way to group or index the Things that are Microwave-related to make it easy to find other Things that have been designed for radio applications?

I've been making lenses and mounts and adaptors the very manual old-school way, but I guess someone could 3D print or CNC them easily enough from my CAD masters. Hideously over-engineered adaptor thing has a slow taper from the 17mm LNB throat diameter to the 20.2mm tube ID. It fits inside the horn of an Octagon, and the locking ring presses the adaptor in against the horn using the O ring as a spring and vapour-tight seal. 

3D metal printing is getting cheaper all the time, but I'm sticking to 19th century methods for a bit longer. 

If anyone has a lens design they would like to have machined, UKuG have had a donation of dielectric rod material in various sizes and I'd be happy to use it to make some prototype lenses.  Just one-offs, as the amount of material isn't huge.  These are in Rexolite 1422, but they work OK in UHMWPE and plain polystyrene and PTFE.  Rexolite looks and feels like a Fox's Glacier Mint. Haven't done a taste-test though.

Neil G4DBN

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Hi everyone, I’m not terribly active just yet, but have been doing a few things to get going on various uW modes.


I have been playing with QO-100 and made a couple of clamps to hold the 22mm copper pipe in a standard 40mm feed on a satellite dish, and a mounting for the beam forming ring for the SM6FHZ CP patch feed.  John G4BAO has got both of these in use, and I have not had any complaints from him, so something must be right!


Both these designs are on my page on Thingiverse and are free to be used by all radio hams, and are certainly not for commercial reproduction or making money out of them.


They can be obtained from :

So if they are of any help please feel free to use them. They are nothing special, but might save you a bit of work.


Also there  is a 3D printed Focussing lens by M1KTA on there as well.


Hope this will be of use to someone.


Best Regards




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