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Tony G4NBS

Adrian, forgive me if this is totally wrong info but I believe KST2ME changed servers some time back (and also updated the program over time).

If you haven’t used the program for some considerable time it might be it is looking in the wrong place on the web?

Try updating the program on the PC you know used to work (the one where you had the original key) and see if it connects.


Guess you can semi-check that by looking at what version number the program shows compared to the one you just downloaded?


Bo would have sent your key via email so if you can find that you can put the key on the new PC, should still be valid. Alternatively look for it on your old PC in the folder holding KST2ME (guess your key would be KSTMe_G4UVZ.key). Just copy that over to the KST2ME folder on your new PC and it should work…….


Regarding the original question from John – I don’t think that KST2ME lets you change your locator but easy to do from ON4KST web interface, maybe that’s the reason?


Wasn’t thinking of making contests harder by any means but I do think there should be some form of (simple) unique exchange required that is altered by band and contest. Seems to me there is far too much reliance on databases and freely available info in advance of a QSO!

Nothing against setting up skeds to create activity (and even spotting them on the Cluster so others are aware!) but make it a real QSO please…..



Tony G4NBS




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Denis..looked for you on Zello under G3UVR   but can't find you?  I am on as G4UVZ maybe you could link to me?

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