Re: Just a suggestion

Neil Smith G4DBN

KST2ME is written by Bo OZ2M.  The reg key is just so he can keep tabs on how many people are using his program.  Nothing to do with ON4KST other than using that as a back-end server.

As Bo says, the key is there for his amusement only.  Small price to pay for a neat bit of code. If you've lost the original key and it won't issue a new one, drop him an email

I had a bit of a mess about with the Apple devkit for apps on my Mac, but I wasn't fired up enough to go to the trouble of coding something up in Xcode/Swift, and now I only have an Android phone after breaking my ipad screen for the last time.

Neil G4DBN

On 30/07/2019 09:58, Adrian G4UVZ via Groups.Io wrote:
Denis....Lastnight I down loaded ME on new PC ..requested a KEY but told firmly that you only get one chance to join the KST club !  apparently some where I have a key??   Returned to old PC with ME   and I am apparently un plugged!!!!    see attached ...


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