Re: Just a suggestion

G3UVR Denis IO83KH


I can asure you a great deal of work goes into helping operators to try the microwave bands. I am currently working  helping two stations with 3cm and look forward to working them in the  future along with the same old  regular stations.  I have spend a number of weeks of my spare time putting together a second 3cm system so I can loan it out to inrease activity. Time  is what I dont really have as I still work  a full six day week.


I spent quite some time and numourous emails getting another station to try KST again he too admitted he found it difficult to understand but after some tuition he managed a handful of 23cm QSOs during a 23cm UKAC where previously he had worked nothing at all. I am willing to help if I know what you find so difficult about it. Ok I understand it well as I have used it for some fifteen years and generally log in every evening and Sunday daytimes. Tuesday evening looks like its going to be a wet night I wonder if it is possible to try 3cm rainscatter with you then? Maybe due to the predicted winds you may not have 3cm available. let me know if you would like to try.

73 de Denis G3UVR

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