Re: 1.9 to 2m Mesh Dish

John Fell

I think G3GRO used a 12ft segment dish - like a radar cheese but rotated through 90 degrees and only 12" wide , with stand offs from vertical mast to maintain parabolic form.Long time ago .....


On Mon, 29 Jul 2019 at 16:42, Ken G3YKI <kenneth@...> wrote:
John credits me with a more ambitious construction than it actually was. It was 8ft square. The 4 ft. square panels could be stacked on the top of a small car and that was the usual mode of transport, though we did use the lorry once. The feed was a dual dipole feed, which I still have.
I recall that G3GRO did something similar and described it in a meeting at some event (was that 12 ft High by 8ft?).

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