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Neil Smith G4DBN

A unique string of five groups of five characters/numbers for each contact, generated in advance by the contest website, would make sure we were actually communicating and keep us on our toes. I would suggest QTCs, as in the WAEDX contests but with small numbers of contacts, that isn't ideal.  Depends what the point of the contest is though.  I love the challenge of copying QTCs send at mega-fast speed in CW, but if we want to encourage activity, making the contest harder might not be the best move.

Neil G4DBN

On 29/07/2019 14:27, Tony G4NBS via Groups.Io wrote:
You mean you need to know both the call sign and locator in advance John? Whatever happened to exchanging all info on the band concerned!
Toungue in cheek of course but wonder if it’s worth considering a reintroduction of some form of info required that guarantees a unique exchange?
Not thinking of the old exchanges of miles from nowhere but some form of code that changes each band/contest??
Having just listened to IOTA test with it’s optional RS(T) it was amusing to hear all the repeats of serials required when everything else was known......
Back in my hole!
Tony G4nbs
On 29 Jul 2019, at 13:07, John Lemay <> wrote:

Yesterday in the 10GHz contest I spent a while trying (and failing) to work
a particular station. Just as I was giving up, it came to light that that G
station had crossed the boundary into GW and was portable about 15 degrees
off the heading I was using. It only takes a minute to edit ones user
details on 'KST ...........

John G4ZTR

Aka Grumpy of Colchester

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