Re: PE1RKI 23 Cm Low loss filter responce

Pete - GM4BYF

From Phils picture, I think Bert did understand your question. Guestimating from the grid there appears to be very little roll off between 1268 and 1296.

I wonder what your problems were on field day ? Transmit or receive or both?


On 11/07/19 19:12, Phil Guttridge G3TCU wrote:
Hi Simon,

I bought a 23cm filter from Bert earlier this year and he sent me this
link. It doesn't show a lot of detail on the spectrum axis but it might
be some guide.

73, Phil G3TCU

On 11/07/2019 18:33, simonchettle via Groups.Io wrote:
Hi All
I am thinking of using a 28 Mhz to 1296 transverter as part of a
Station re-build ( after poor result on VHD NFD!).
However I do not know the passband  rejection of the above filter at
1268 Mhz.  I have mailed Bert and he has replied the loss / rejection
is 0.99 dB – I think he slightly misunderstood  my question to him.
Has anybody measured the rejection at 1268 of one of his filters?  His
current web site does not appear to display the filter response and I
am sure it used to.
Simon G8ATB


vry 73

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