Re: 5.7 ghz EME tests


Hi Ed, The activity was supposed to be around 08:00 this morning, (4th July), unfortunately I had an appointment in Salisbury this morning so was unable to listen.

The activity on 20th July from Goonhilly GB6GHY, for the Apollo 11 50 event will start at moon rise which unfortunately is not until 22:30 UTC (23:30 local) and I assume will finish when the event finishes at 05:00 UTC on the Sunday morning. Another unfortunate thing is the moon will be near apogee with will mean signals will be several dB weaker than during the tests last weekend. The moon will not rise very high in the sky as seen from the UK even when due south.

Regarding listening on ordinary kit, I was able to hear Goonhilly last month during some testing from there with my 1.5m dish with accurate azimuth and elevation tracking (my 3m dish was out of action at the time). With a good low noise preamp ahead of the transverter I was able to receive them at about 529. I had the disadvantage that my terrestrial system is horizontally polarised so I loss 3dB trying to receive the circularly polarised signals used for EME contacts.

73 Neil G4LDR

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