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Roger Ray


Don’t give up on the 24G just yet. Certainly contacts up the coast will work from where you are. It is likely there will be a number of us active in the SE in the October cumulative. With possibly a new 24G station coming on from the Martlesham area....

Also by the September contest, I should have the club 47G loan system available. Plus also another 24G and 76G a possibility.

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Hi Steve, I have a 24GHz system that I need to repair, I cannot get enough enthusiasm to repair it because I'm too isolated, ironically I might have been able to work you but with the greatest respect, buying it, getting it all ready, loading everything up, setting up, then getting one contact per contest, soul destroying. I know we should keep trying and encourage more on the band but I will put my efforts into parts of the hobby that gives a better return...It will happen, 10GHz started with a few on WB, now one of the most popular bands ( just not today!!)
73 Mike G6TRM
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Hi mike 
i share your pain .
i had the same during the 24ghz contest ....only one station answered and tried the path ....others didn't show any response .....why log in if your not going to have the courtesy to reply ...or set your status away .

anyway 24ghz off the mast now ...seems a bit of a waste of time having a home station on that band .

hope you worked a few people ....

steve G4HTZ 

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