Re: I'm I likely to hear anything off the moon? Newbie question

Nick Gregory G0HIK

Thanks for your input Sam & Chris,

I take your comments about the process not being trivial and now I'll look at this as more of a long term goal.

I believed that EME was out of my reach, but always a dream. But with the recent articles about EME being worked on dipoles and short yagi's, making it look relatively easy (compared to years ago), I got a bit complacent.

I'm not an engineer and must admit I struggled with Appcad,  I did understand some of the VK3UM Calcs, unfortunately the tutorial on his web site appears not to load this evening, but I'll spend some time in the future to acquaint myself a bit more with the calc's.

I've also found that aiming the 70ele on a homemade tripod in a strong wind to be a struggle, for one thing a 6m boom is whipping around like something else. So I appreciate that the hardware as well as the system needs a lot of engineering.

To recap the measurements I made so far :-

Sun/cold sky noise change was 2.0 to 2.5dB

LNA terminated into 50R and switched ON/OFF gave 7dB or 10dB difference depending on the coax lead used between the Aerial and the LNA.

As I said before, it's been very stimulating so far.


Nick G0HIK

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