Some help with a LNB MoD Please

john nichols

Dear U.K. Microwaves Group

I am a new ham and excited to be learning about this fascinating hobby.

I am very keen to operate via OQ100 and have been assembling various equipment to allow me to do so. Currently I have a Pluto, GPSDO, Triplexer board to feed, DC and Reff to my LNB.

The LNB I have is a Octagon OLTW.

Unfortunately I do not have the knowledge and skills along with the tools currently to undertake a modification to lock the LNB to the reference clock signal.

Would One of you be prepared to modify the LNB for me ? I would obviously pay for time and any materials. If that did that did not sit comfortably I would also be very happy to make a donation to charity of your choice.

I live in Bromley, Kent and in a perfect world would perhaps watch you undertake the work so that I might learn from seeing the work completed. But of course if that is not practical I would obviously post the LNB.

I would be very grateful for any offers of assistance or perhaps any other guidance.

All the very best

73 2E0JZN

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