I have a number of 24GHz equipment items that I wish to dispose of at RAL.
Amongst these I have an unused Millitech 2  - 2.5W PA, 48cm Procom dish with Procom 24GHz feed fitted, 26.5GHz APC3.5 (SMA like) relays, one of those nice ZL sourced waveguide switches, several other waveguide items. In addition, I have decided I won’t be getting going on 47GHz again any time soon, so I have a number of 47GHz items available, including a number of Kuhne commercial items.
I’ll bring these items tomorrow, together with the WA5VJB PCB antennas. I don’t plan to bring any kits, but if anyone wants to reserve anything in particular, I will endeavour to bring it along.

73 de Sam, G4DDK

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