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Dave - G4RQI

Hello Ralph,

I was using the website to spot the beacons.

73 David

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Good evening David,


It could be the access you are using I.e. the way they have set up the routing for various beacons causing a double entries- it happens a lot with me when I spot 2.3GHz beacons

At my age, I have forgotten the correct term used for these points of access. !

Their routing sometimes is not correct.  Try changing the access to the DX Cluster

Should help, I hope hi




Quel age !!





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From: Dave - G4RQI
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Subject: [UKMicrowaves] beaconspot




I’m sorry if this has been answered before... I have posted a couple of 3cm beacon spots this evening using but when I do the spot appears twice on the DxCluster. The frequency is correct for one of the spots but 5Khz is added to the 2nd spot. Does anyone know why?


73 David

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