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Neil Smith G4DBN

Some cluster software has a bug and truncates the precision, so when the originating cluster node sees the spot being looped back, instead of ignoring it, it thinks it is a new spot and displays it.  Only happens on certain beacons of course, depends on the frequency you spot.  If it is within X Hz of the boundary of a 10kHz increment, it is suppressed.  Not sure whose software is responsible, but a lot of authors didn’t realise anything existed above VHF.  Some cluster code chopped off the “10” from 10368.120 and the spot appeared as 368.120 with the digits “10” appended to the callsign.  That was fixed a while back, but the broken software which truncates the precision is still very prevalent.

I did try dropping Dirk a line to see if he had any ideas, but we really need to identify which software is doing it.

Neil G4DBN

On 12 Jun 2019, at 20:15, Dave - G4RQI <io93ir@...> wrote:

I’m sorry if this has been answered before... I have posted a couple of 3cm beacon spots this evening using but when I do the spot appears twice on the DxCluster. The frequency is correct for one of the spots but 5Khz is added to the 2nd spot. Does anyone know why?
73 David
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