Re: Radar Interference on 23cm

Phil Guttridge G3TCU

Hi Mike,

This map is still there:

I've found much  the same increase in noise at 23cm from IO91RF, my
usual local portable site. I recently put a PE1RKI filter before my
mast-head pre-amp to see if it was out-of-band stuff but it made no
significant different. I don't think it is all radar.
The increase in noise is partly why we went to IO91GI for the 'Low
Bands' as M0HNA/P last last Sunday. Blissfully quiet from there. Radar
detectable in some directions but too low a level to be a problem.

I'll be interested to hear if you draw any conclusions about where it's
coming from.

73, Phil G3TCU

On 06/06/2019 17:09, mike G6TRM via Groups.Io wrote:
Following massive interference on 23cm during the 4th low band contest on 2nd June, I have tried to find any information regarding Radar sites near to Dover. There used to be a listing on the UKuG website but I can't find it any more. Can anyone offer up any assistance? Freq?? Location??
It has got much worse recently, make the band unusable at times.


Mike G6TRM

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