Re: SSB 10Ghz transverter manual wanted

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Hi Eric
Thanks for the reply at the moment i do not have any info on these
items so i would like to take up your offer and would be greatfull for
any info.

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Hello Simon,

These papers were in VHF COMMUNICATIONS 2/89 and 3/89 by DC0DA.

I have a copy for the Part 2 ( 3/89 ) for the XRM-1 and XTM-1 , I
can "scan" it for you

Unfortunately , some pages are missing in the copy of the part 1 (
2/89 ) about the XLO-1 ( to much used in the past may be... )

Sure they are somewhere here but... where ????

Anyway there is the part list , the PCB views with components ,
but... no schematic . " Scan " possible as well

Please let me know if you want a copy .

Eric F1GHB

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From: Simon Manning
Sent: Thursday, December 15, 2005 6:17 PM
Subject: [ukmicrowaves] SSB 10Ghz transverter manual wanted

Has any one got a copy of the SSB Electronics
transverter Manuals and circuit for the XLO-1/01 local
oscillator module, the XRM-1 receive down converter,
the XTM-1 transmit up converter.


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