Re: Writing articles and RadCom ....

Chris G8BKE

I'm also interested in radio controlled electric flying models and
buy a number of magazines associated with this hobby too. What a
breath of fresh air they are. They try to cater for the novice and
advanced hobbyist, but unlike Radcom the articles manage to appeal to
both types of flyer, without being patronising towards either.

Plus there are constructional articles too, as well as reviews of
ready to fly models, to cater for either builder or a buyer.

Yes, there are advertisements too, but these seem to complement the
content rather than just being page fillers and revenue earners.

Radcom could take a lesson from these mags.

73 de Chris G8BKE

Dave Wrigley wrote:-

The content of PEE is good value and quite interesting - it has a
full range
of articles covering all stages of development and is a good all
round read.
Interesting ads too.

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