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Hi folks

Well I just picked up a copy of Everyday Practical Electronics for £3.30
from our local Billy Smiths. They also had Practical Wireless - but I
resisted that.

The content of PEE is good value and quite interesting - it has a full range
of articles covering all stages of development and is a good all round read.
Interesting ads too.

I actually bought it for the article on Hall effect measurement - just what
I wanted - an intro example application. This mag is really being
competitive in a very competitive area.

Does anyone know what the circulations of the QST and of RadCom are? The
reason I ask is the the ARRL's test facilities appear to be much better than
those of the RSGB.

I have read the technical reviews of the ARRL and I am impressed by their
detail technical content. Compare that with the Microphone test published
in this months Rad Com - conclusion - spend £120 on a desk mike and it
should sound OK, spend anything less and perhaps not so good. I'll bet you
could get results just as good with a second hand mic from a camcorder -
cost zilch - in fact just for a bit of devilment I think I'll try it. I
have some JVC ex camcorder mics - I'll do some tests - and compare them with
the Standard Yaesu types.

Incidentally the "Test" involved nothing more than a subjective listening
test with a series of unnamed respondents and it was not clear whether they
were the same ones for each mic. Maybe interesting but this is not what I
would describe as a scientific approach.

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But who would buy it at the cover price shown of £4.25 when there
cheaper and much better value magazines there?!


Probably some, since it not uncommon for many mags. to be £4+. The "cover
price" is nominal because 12 x £4.25 = £51, which is a lot more than the
RSGB sub.

Not that it's worth it (unlike L'Oriale)!

Regards, Mike, G3PFR

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