Re: LO device?

Andy G4JNT

Yes, I've had two of that type (the black PCB) one of another Chinese low cost type (using a green PCB) and at least three of the decent properly made ADF4351 boards by SV2AFN

It was reported om in this group a few years ago - several people found that specific PCB, the black one, had a fake chip where the output divider couldn't go below 16.  Ie it was probably an ADF4350 device although labelled ADF4351.    Fortunately mine was going into a project that only needed to go down to 200MHz so teh fake chip was satisfactory

 The green PCB version was Ok

There are several versions of those cheap Chinese modules, some said to have better decoupling than others.

I'd never buy a Chinese one again, the SV2AFN ones are so much better made, properly decoupled and don't have fake chips.

As for the outpiut quality - it's mostly dependent on the quality of the reference you put in.  Raw 10MHz output from GPSDOs aren't always the best reference for synthesizers.

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