Re: Simple 2.4GHz Up converter using devices from the Chipbank

Paul G8AQA

Hi Colin,

I have sent £3.50 for a board.


On 08/05/2019 16:16, Colin G4EML wrote:
I have now received the PCBs for the 2.4Ghz Up Converter and have built one and checked it worked as the prototype did. 

Price is £2.50 per board and UK postage is £1.00 per order. 
Postage to other countries will be at cost. Please email me for price. 

Please make payment by Paypal to colin@... and don't forget to include you address.

Note the boards do not have provision for the second 2.4Ghz Filter. However it is easy to add this by making a cut in the output track and scraping away some of the solder resist. 
See the files section for pictures of the assembled board. 

Colin G4EML


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