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thanks Paul for the warning – I had not thought of spikes and as you say / imply a capacitor could look like a direct connection.

From: Paul Bicknell
Sent: Saturday, April 6, 2019 9:36 PM
Subject: Re: [UKMicrowaves] FT818

Hi Ed


We have just had a thread about power measurement and protecting test equipment such as spectrum analysers


Any DC on a coax or on a RF signal has  a high possibility of causing a disaster resulting in £100’s if not £1000’s of damage


So please be advised that even the DC on a LNB cable can kill a HP noise meter and this is after a blocking capacitor?

The problem is the spikes from connecting / switching  on and polarisation switching voltage go through the blocking capacitor

There is advise from HP on how to minimise the risk


Regards Paul B

From: [] On Behalf Of Ed G3VPF
Sent: 06 April 2019 18:02
Subject: [UKMicrowaves] FT818


Is anyone using the FT818 as a microwave IF? Is there a simple mod to put volts on the RF output on transmit like the FT817?




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