Chris Bartram <yahoo@...>

I can only agree with the majority of the comments made here about our shiny
new Radcomic.

However, I must say a few words in the defence of EI9GQ's new column.
Eamon/Ski is a very sophisticated homebrewer, is active on 1.3GHz,
interested in the higher bands, and (I think...) monitors this group!

Given the here is a need for some form of educational input to move the mass
of foundation and intermediate licencees beyond automatic fealty to the likes
of Martin Lynch, there is a need for a series of articles introducing the
concept of home-brew.

What we should be complaining bitterly about is the way in which the narrow
minded, half-baked, partially comprehended meanderings of of G3VA are
promoted as some form of authoritative technical contribution. I can laugh,
but imagine how confused this could make a newcomer... Even more importantly,
imagine the reaction of a engineer, with no background in the hobby, working
for one of the regulatory authorities if he/she were to see some of the crap
that regularly appears in TT...



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