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Hi Richard & Gordon
Richard thanks for offer of 7/16 but I am “N” type configured and have little room in the Mast head box to re-build to accommodate gender changes.
Gordon the failure of E15 has been well discussed – what amaze's me is that the there is no corrosion at all. The foil has failed e.g splits /breaks along a 1 meter length   BUT the braid is intact so even at 144 MHz  it shows above stated loss.  Better brains then mine will be able to explain why a failure of the foil, though covered by thick braid, cause a high loss at a relative low frequency.
Any how I still need some connectors

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Seems to me , that this cable loss is probable moisture absorbsion    (?) ...........

Is it time to put cables into tubes to give protection for the elements ???

I've just been testing a 50 cable , on a home made (youtube) TDR bridge , thats been outside , feeding a 2/70 vertical for some eight years , and found it out of spec for Z and velocity factor .

To my amazement , despite the end being sealed , I found the braid corroded along it's length bin job .

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Hi All
Having just “retired” a length of ECO Flex 15 – 10 times the stated loss!
I need a couple of Cellflex HCF 1/2”  connectors but normal suppliers do not appear to sell them.
Please does anybody know of a UK supplier?




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