Re: Cardiff Round Table

Paul G8AQA

Thanks Derek for organising the event.

Excellent event despite the clashes.  For us it was number one priority.

Fears of the traffic and road closures meant arriving an hour early but it was good to find other people waiting to chat to.  There was no problem with the traffic at all.  Pity about the rain after the event but it was Wales!

Good venue with plenty of parking.  Excellent buffet lunch. Good lectures. Plenty of people to chat to. Too much junk to buy. Good venue. Please repeat.

Very good to hear how you are getting on with the University radio club.  Brings back memories of my misspent youth at Swansea. Too much time in the shack and not enough in lectures.

Paul G8AQA

On 17/03/2019 17:17, Peter GW4JQP wrote:
I'll agree with all the above and thank Derek and his colleagues for a very interesting and enjoyable day.   It was well supported and both the venue and the lunch were excellent.  

It was also particularly useful to be able to pick so many brains in one place.   Unfortunately I had to slip off before the end, but the bonus was I missed the traffic.

A very good start to the Roundtable season, and let's hope it becomes an annual event.

Thanks again and 73

Peter GW4JQP


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