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Richard <richard@...>

Hi Jerry
I bet you have fun with that call sign
with a lot of hams getting confused

73 Richard g8jvm

On Tue, 2019-03-05 at 19:32 +0100, Jerzy Najda wrote:

Ok Andy, I apologize for indiscretion and lack of greeting.

I am Jerry HF1D from Szczecin, NW Poland and I have been a member of the UK Microwave Group since 1 January 2019.
Satellite, yes, but I'm more interested in 10 GHz and 47 GHz work

My setup is:

10 GHz - DB6NT G3 Transverter with LNA and PA 8W with 85 cm offset

47 GHz - Transverter 0,1 mW with 45 cm dish

Two week ago bought a 13 cm SG LAB transverter

Greetings for all

Jerry HF1D (Locator: JO73hi)

Member of SP VHF and Microwave Lovers Group SP0KKM

W dniu 2019-03-05 o 17:50, Andy G4JNT pisze:
Folks,  we have had a fair number of new subscribers within the last few days.  Presumably due to the famous satellite

Many of these new subscribers are not supplying a name or callsign, just a meaningless email address and a basic forename.

If you cannot be identified as having a valid Am. radio callsign, or do not set your display name moderation status will remain at moderated, at lest for the firs tfew posts.

New subscribers who qualify will usually be switched to unmoderated status immediately (well, almost ...).

Ideally. set your display name to be  forename and callsign

Andy G4JNT
Group Owner

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