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Richard <richard@...>

The address list on this group has already been harvested, I suspect from postings and not the full subscriber list
I doubt if I'm the only one getting junk emails from members with their e-mail address just slightly altered..
Usually with a pasted url and a different return address

On Tue, 2019-03-05 at 16:50 +0000, Andy G4JNT wrote:
Folks,  we have had a fair number of new subscribers within the last few days.  Presumably due to the famous satellite

Many of these new subscribers are not supplying a name or callsign, just a meaningless email address and a basic forename.

If you cannot be identified as having a valid Am. radio callsign, or do not set your display name moderation status will remain at moderated, at lest for the firs tfew posts.

New subscribers who qualify will usually be switched to unmoderated status immediately (well, almost ...).

Ideally. set your display name to be  forename and callsign

Andy G4JNT
Group Owner

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