Re: Waveguide switch replacement

John Fell

Thanks Chris ,
Will email Keith and see if he has the original data - spent a few Hrs hand cutting/drilling some flange blanks this afternoon from 6mm copper plate .
73 from the Dorset Snowfields ....err well about 25mm .


On Fri, 1 Feb 2019 at 15:10, Chris Bartram G4DGU <chris@...> wrote:
Hello John

I described a fixed, no amateur twiddle-fiddle, transition which does
exactly that - and can be made by hand - in Scatterpoint about a decade
ago. I believe that one or two people have duplicated it with good
results.  GW3TKF commented in conversation that his had achieved around
30dB RL. That concurs pretty well with my own measurements using a
(Cornish made!) Flann coupler, and load. The load shows around -37dB RL
btw with little sensitivity to load phase.

Like Mike I use one of the Relcom relays on 24 with WG20, and I have the
transition on all three ports. I see about 0.3dB IL for the combination
of the relay and transitions in both TX and RX. They are still in use,
currently mainly for /P operation, but I hope to resume my interrupted
work on 24EME later this year when the house is fully mangled!




On 01/02/2019 11:13, John Fell wrote:
> I have a defective WG20 switch and a working WG22 switch , both 4 port
> Ledex activated at 20V d.c.
> My question is , could I use the WG22 device on 24GHZ using suitable
> adaptors ?
> If so has anyone got any data on suitable adaptors ?
Chris Bartram
Luxulyan, Bodmin, Cornwall


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