Octagon LNB

Martyn G3UKV

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Catching up with reading - re Scatterpoint January 19, page 10.

I have the Octagon 'Optima/Oslo' LNB with single output. The Xtal is on 27 MHz (well, 26.9996+).  Markings on the LNB casing include 10 marks each side of a central "V" - which is different to that suggested by Jen (G4HIZ) in her excellent article.

BTW - no need to open up the LNB to find the Xtal frequency - just place LNB close to an HF receiver!  I found the Xtal remarkably stable after leaving on all day, but still purchased a TCXO recommended on the DL-AMSAT pages. [DigiKey part No. CW655CT-ND for 27MHz, CW654CT-ND for 25 MHz]

73 Martyn G3UKV

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