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Conrad, PA5Y


Back to the drawing board. Ebay again, at least it was less than 10 Euros.


Conrad PA5Y

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Hey Conrad,

i'm sure it isn't a PLL version, i think you have this one:

Octagon Optima OSLSO Single Slim LNB 0,1dB

Today i did some tests on rx the EB high beacon:S/N 22dB with Triax 95*85 dish, Octagon out-of box PLL LNB; and some other modified LNB's  with the board from a Octagon PLL connected to them via sma, into a SDR RTL dongle. Polarisation is H. No reception on the EB low beacon due to some exremely high noise level, so need that to find out .


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Onderwerp: [UKMicrowaves] Single Octagon LNB PCB removal

I have in my possession a single output Octagon OSLSO and I got the lid off only to find that the Xtal is on the underside of the single PCB. I have seen details of dual Octogons but I am not sure how to get this board out.  I presume that the edges cannot be soldered so maybe it is just the vias that need to be desoldered. I'll start with desolder wick, I hope that this works!

Photo is here:
Shared with Dropbox

Any advice would be gratefully received, I really would like to know the Xtal frequency.


Conrad PA5Y

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