Re: Es'hail-2 NB transmit


Hello Dom

Very interesting information, thank you!

Any chance of another group buy of PCB's - especially the PA - that we could get into?

73 Ole OZ2OE

Den 24. januar 2019 kl. 07.22.01 +01.00, skrev F6DRO <Dominique.DEHAYS@...>:

GM all ,

here is what is the standard Es Hailsat configuration built by many people in France , after we had a group buy for PCB:

there are a 2.4Ghz simple transverter , with a companion amplifier using quite low cost MMIC. On RX , a 10Ghz converter going to whatever IF one needs.

Lo's are DF9NP , but one can build his own , and the RX side migth be cheaper too by using a PLL LNB.


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