Re: Es H

John Fell


DL0SHF now using my 60cm tropo system , 27MHZ injection locked  3 year olde Octogon dual optima .You can just see the CW FSK sequence (its audible ..just) and a vague noisy bit on centre of plot where its doing the QRA64 bits .On 3.4m prime at G4RFR yesterday beacon was hitting +16dB /noise in 6HZ RBW . 
Es Hail is very loud on this 60cm compared to the Moon bounced beacon !
I have just installed a 90cm offset to tweak onto Es Hail when narrow band transponder is active again.


On Thu, 17 Jan 2019 at 16:28, Mike Willis <willis.mj@...> wrote:
Bother - at work so wasn't able to check. What is the difference between the levels?
Mike G0MJW

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