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Surprise of the day! Beacon "CQ CQ DE ES2HAIL" - on appx. 10489,650 MHz (non stabilized Octagon OSLO). Measured at 42 dB S/N relative noise in 2,7 Hz BW. Using 80 cm offset dish. Beacon stopped 13:48 UTC. 73 Ole OZ2OE

Den 16. januar 2019 kl. 13.28.44 +01.00, skrev SAM JEWELL via Groups.Io <jewell@...>:

Excellent signal from the beacon in the amateur nb transponder.
The transponder noise floor is 15dB above the out of band noise in 244Hz resolution bandwidth (the default on my RSPPro2 SDR).
That is quite substanial and indicates that we should not worry too much about the ultimate noise figure of the Octagon LNB as the transponder noise floor is likely to set the ultimate SNR we will have on signals.
My measurements show the beacon (or maybe it’s a test signal that is pulsing, so may not have caught the actual peak) at about 30dB above 15Hz resolution bandwidth. It certainly sounds loud, sending its CW identifier.

Well done to all involved in the Es’Hail-2 satellite and in particular the Amsat-DL team. 
I didn’t look in the wb transponder passband. Hopefully, all is well with that transponder.
Looks like time to sort out the uplink set up.

Sam, G4DDK

On Wednesday, January 16, 2019, 11:51 am, Graham Shirville <graham@...> wrote:

Thanks Graham but I am in London at work:(



On 16/01/2019 11:41, Graham G8HAJ wrote:

Hello all,  There's a test signal on the NB transponder at the moment  (11:30am).....Graham G8HAJ

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